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Курс викладачів Delta

Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults

Delta ― курс для досвідчених вчителів, які хочуть зробити кар’єру у викладанні англійської та прагнуть стати

✅академічним директором мовної школи
✅тренером вчителів
✅висококваліфікованим та затребуваним викладачем

Курс розроблений Cambridge Assessment English

Проходить за однаковою програмою у всьому світі

Є золотим стандартом якості

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1) The language learner and the language learning context

✅Adapting teaching for different abilities, motivations and learning styles
✅Applying knowledge and understanding of factors affecting teaching to your practice.

3) Evaluating, selecting and using resources and materials for teaching purposes

✅Developing selection criteria to choose materials
✅Creating resources for different learning contexts
✅Evaluating the effectiveness of materials used

5) Evaluation of lesson preparation and teaching

✅Developing evaluation criteria to judge the effectiveness of preparation and teaching
✅Using evaluation feedback to improve lesson planning and teaching
✅Developing critical reflection skills to identify areas for ongoing professional development

7) Professionalism and opportunities for professional development

✅Reflecting on feedback to develop as a teacher
✅Reflecting on the standards of professional practice
✅Engaging in Continuing Professional Development
✅Identifying possible career paths and specialisms

2) Preparation for teaching English language learners

✅Planning lessons that actively engage all learners
✅Choosing methodologies and materials, with reference to underpinning theories and principles

4) Managing and supporting learning

✅Creating a constructive learning atmosphere
✅Using a range of teaching and learning strategies which are appropriate to learners’ needs and context
✅Giving appropriate feedback to all learners on their progress

6) Observe and evaluate other teachers’ lessons

✅Evaluating other teachers’ lessons using knowledge of teaching and learning strategies
✅Providing supportive and constructive feedback to other teachers


Перший модуль базової тренінгової програми для вчителів англійської мови познайомить вас з основними методиками викладання лексики та граматики. Поєднання теоретичного та практичного блоку дозволить вам відразу застосувати отримані знання та отримати зворотній зв'язок від тренерів курсу

The Delta Modules:

Delta is a widely recognised qualification which helps to build better teaching practice and can lead to greater rewards and enhanced career opportunities.

Module One: Understanding Language Skills for Teaching
It focuses on the background to teaching and learning and looks at the theories behind how people learn languages and how they are taught.
Assessment: via a written examination which can be taken at IH Kyiv.

Module Two: Developing Professional Practice.
It focuses on developing professional practice and looks at the theory and practice of teaching, and the different ways that environment, society and culture.
Assessment: via a portfolio of coursework, including observed lessons, background written assignments, and one externally-assessed lesson.

Module 2. Including preparation and Mock exam for Module 1 and consultations on Module 3.

Module Three: Extending practice and English language teaching specialization.
It focuses on assessment and course planning in the context of a specialist option (e.g.
Young Learners, English for Special Purposes, 1×1). Assessment: via an extended written assignment.

Further information about the Delta Modules can be found at:

The Delta modules are for practising teachers. Delta candidates will:

✔normally hold an initial teaching qualification enabling them to teach English in their own context

✔have a range of experience of teaching different levels in one or more contexts

✔have a level of written and spoken English which enables them to teach advanced level students (up to and including C1 – C2 levels on the CEFR.

✔be able to research and present written assignments to the required standard.

Dates in 2021:

Module 2: 5.07.2021-13.08.2021.


Early-bird fee:

UAH. 54999

*Deadline 18.06.21

Regular fee:

UAH 59999

Our Delta Tutors:

Briony Beaven

• BA Hons in English and American Literature
• PGCE for UK secondary school teaching
• UCLES Cert. TEFL (now CELTA)
• UCLES Dip. TEFL (now Delta) with Distinction
• EdD TEFL with specialism and dissertation in teacher training
• British Council Professional Award for Teacher Educators
• Project Management in Practice course at Erasmus University, Rotterdam, Netherlands
• Certification as webinar presenter for OUP
• Experience as CELTA tutor and assessor
• Delta tutor since 2010
• Delta assessor since 2012
• Delta Module Two moderator since 2016

Briony is a language teaching consultant, teacher trainer and materials writer. She taught English in a British secondary state school before moving into teaching EFL, later becoming the DoS in a large adult education institute. She has worked with teachers in many countries and at various levels, including CELTA, Delta, M.A. and general in-service training. Briony has often presented at international conferences and has written coursebooks as well as specially commissioned teacher training and trainer training courses. She regularly publishes in professional journals.


Tetyana Tereshchenko

✅ IHCTL and Diploma in TEFL (Colchester, VT, USA)
✅ IHC tutor since 1997
✅ CELTA Tutor/Assessor since 2002
✅ Delta Module 2 Tutor since 2015
✅ CELTA/IHC tutor trainer

I have been working for IH Kyiv for 23 years. I am the Head of Teacher Training, conduct TT courses and travel a lot to run and assess CELTA in Ukraine and abroad (Romania, Northern Ireland, Belgium, Italy, Russia, Georgia). I love what I have been doing and I am proud to have trained about 400 CELTA candidates, 8 Delta ones and 15 CELTA trainers.


Steve Brewin

• RSA Prep. Cert. TEFLA (now CELTA)
• RSA/Cambridge Dip. TEFLA (now Delta)
• CELTA Tutor since 1991
• Delta Tutor since 2000
• CELTA Assessor since 1996
• Delta Assessor since 2012

Steve taught English in Spain and Algeria before completing his Diploma course at IH Hastings in 1990. He was trained as a CELTA tutor at IH Paris in 1991 and then worked as a CELTA tutor and teacher at a number of CELTA centres in France, UK, Canada and the Middle East before moving to Poland. He has lived in Warsaw since 1999 running face-to-face and, more recently, online CELTA and Delta courses.


Visa regulations:

For 90 days citizens of EU, the USA, Canada and the UK are free to come without a visa for Ukraine (but not from Australia). We are not authorised to provide our candidates with any kind of visa support.

Please see the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website for visa clarification 

Accommodation: the centre provides help with accommodation on request.
For more information about accommodation please email us: tt@ihkyiv.com