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IH Certificate in Teaching Languages

The IHCTL is intended for a range of candidates, including primarily:

  • candidates who are entirely new to teaching
  • candidates who have taught languages but with little or no previous training
  • candidates who have taught other subjects and wish to take up language teaching

The IHCTL may also be suitable for candidates who have received previous training in language teaching but feel the need for a refresher course or for a more practical qualification or for a more internationally recognised qualification.

The International House Certificate in Teaching Languages (IHCTL) is awarded to teachers who have followed an approved course programme and passed the practical and written components of the assessment procedure.

The course programme will include input in the following areas:

Core Content

  • Developing the 4 skills, speaking, listening, reading and writing;
  • Analysing language, grammar, lexis and phonology in preparation for teaching;
  • Introduction, revising and practising language at a range of levels;
  • Evaluation of teaching materials, published and authentic;
  • Motivating and challenging learners;
  • Lesson planning and planning a series of lessons;
  • Classroom management skills;
  • Adapting and responding to different learning and teaching environments.
  • Teaching younger learners
  • Teaching Business English and One-to-One teaching;

Optional Content

Other topics may be added according to the needs of the course participants. Non-core topics include:

  • Preparing students for public examinations;
  • Testing and test design;
  • Using the computer laboratory and the self-study centre.

Selection of candidates

Candidates must normally be 20 years old or over and demonstrate that they have an appropriate level of education, experience and abilities that will enable them to take the course and subsequently take up language teaching work. In certain cases candidates may be allowed to take the course if they are 18 years old or over, but only by specific prior agreement with the IH World Organisation.
Candidates should be fluent and able speakers of the target language (whether native or non-native speakers). The minimum language level for non-native speakers is equivalent to C1 (Operational Proficiency) level on the Council of Europe framework, though we recommend that candidates will benefit most from the course if they are at C2 (Mastery) level.
Centres should only accept candidates that they consider have a realistic chance of being successful on the course, though candidates must understand that acceptance onto a course is no guarantee of success on the course.

Means of Candidate Selection

The means by which the course organiser will ensure these selection criteria are fulfilled will normally include:

  • application forms;
  • selection task (including some extended writing and a task of level of language awareness);
  • interview (compulsory –- in person or by phone)
  • references (where appropriate).

Course requirements

Minimum Hours:
120 total course hours
50 seminar programme
6 teaching practice (per candidate);
4 observation of experienced teachers (per candidate).

As candidates are required to attend the 100% of the course in order to pass, it is essential that candidates are entirely free from external duties (teaching / administrative work) for the duration of the course.

The group of learners involved will normally comprise a minimum of six. Smaller groups should be discussed in advance with the Affiliate Network Department.

Moreover, these requirements are based on a course format in which each group of six candidates share one class and observe each other teaching.

Teaching Practice

Teaching Practice is an essential part of the course and a considerable amount of organisation is required. Candidates should teach a minimum of two levels (Beginners/Elementary and Early Intermediate or above). They should also have access to, and be encouraged to use, a range of materials and types of technology.
Please note that it is the Course Organiser’s responsibility to organise classes for Teaching Practice. These may be classes especially convened for the purpose of the course, or they may be normal classes. In the case of normal classes, the course timetable will need to be organised accordingly.

The Certificate is awarded in one of three categories:

This is awarded to course participants who demonstrate an excellent command of a wide range of teaching skills, and apply them appropriately in the classroom. Lessons are well-planned and carefully adapted to suit the needs of learners. Course participants will have approached the course with the utmost professionalism, and will have shown clear evidence of having developed their awareness and skills during the course. Their language awareness is of a very high standard. In addition, candidates will have:

  • submitted assignments demonstrating an above average sensitivity to the issues influencing the teaching of a language
  • made insightful contributions in input
  • shown a high degree of professionalism throughout the course

This is awarded to course participants who meet many but not all of the criteria listed above. There may be occasional weaknesses in their teaching, but they will have demonstrated the ability to develop their professional and teaching skills with some degree of autonomy. In teaching practice candidates will have demonstrated their ability to meet the following criteria in a consistent fashion.

Criteria for Passing Grades:

Language Awareness:

  • Predict potential linguistic problems
  • Cater for potential linguistic problems
  • Select appropriate language at different levels

Lesson Preparation:

  • Identify appropriate main learning aims
  • Identify appropriate aims of lesson stages
  • Design lessons which are appropriately staged and varied
  • Focus clearly on new language
  • Select appropriate materials

Teaching Skills:

  • Clarify the meaning, form and phonology of language items
  • Check the students’ understanding of language items
  • Provide appropriate language-focused practice activities
  • Develop the skills of reading and listening
  • Develop the skills of speaking and writing
  • Respond to errors effectively and with sensitivity
  • Manage groups effectively
  • Adjust own language to meet the level and needs of learners

Interpersonal Skills:

  • Establish a good rapport
  • Motivate students
  • Ensure pace is appropriate
  • Show awareness of students as individuals as well as a group
  • Teach with sensitivity to the learners’ needs, interests and background


  • Participate as a reliable member of a team
  • Assess own strengths and weaknesses objectively
  • Attend to all administrative matters as required
  • Respond to feedback

This is awarded to course participants who fail to demonstrate that they can consistently plan and teach effective lessons, according to the criteria above.

Course Application

To apply for the course, you need to fill out the Application Form and complete the Pre-Course Task. Both of them are available for download here.

Course fee: 10000 UAH


The International House Business English Teaching Level 1 course (BET-1) is a 50-hour course consisting of 30 hours of input and 20 hours of homework (reading or action research) tasks, plus a post-course reflection.

It is aimed at either newly-qualified teachers (post-CELTA/IHCTL) or more experienced teachers who are new to teaching Business English. Successful completion of the course will earn participants an IHWO certificate and also prepare them to take the LCCI FTBE exam (London Chamber of Commerce and Industry Further Certificate for Teachers of Business English) should they wish further accreditation.

There is no assessed teaching in this course; assessment takes place through means of a post-course reflective assignment and the submission of a portfolio.


Two-day weekend seminars

2 day weekend seminars for local teachers who do not have IHC/CELTA certification. The course includes 6 hours of interactive input sessions with peer teaching practice. The course is designed for a group of 4-6 teachers.
Price per person: 800 UAH.
The course start date depends on demand.

New! An in-school course can be provided on demand.

One-day seminars

One-day seminars for local teachers who do not have IHC/CELTA certification. Price for 1 person – 250UAH. 10% discount if you purchase all 6 seminars. If 4 teachers from the same institution take part, we only ask payment for 3.

Topic Date Time
Practicing Grammar with YL Students 10.10.2014 16.00-17.10
Teaching Reading/Listening Strategies to FCE Students 10.10.2014 17.20-18.30
Early Literacy 21.11.2014 16.00-17.10
Introducing YLs to Reading/Writing Tasks in the YLE Exams 21.11.2014 17.20-18.30
Speaking in the YL classroom 16.01.2015 16.00-17.10
Speaking Pratice for KET/PET Students 16.01.2015 17.20-18.30
Writing with Teenagers 27.02.2015 16.00-17.10
Grading IELTS Students’ Writing 27.02.2015 17.20-18.30
Presenting Vocabulary to YL Students 10.04.2015 16.00-17.10
Extending Vocabulary of KET/PET Students 10.04.2015 17.20-18.30
Games in the YL classroom 29.05.2015 16.00-17.10
Spice up your FCE lessons 29.05.2015 17.20-18.30