Russian and Ukrainian courses in Kyiv

Russian and Ukrainian courses for speakers of other languages.

Coming to study in Kyiv

Our Russian and Ukrainian language department was created specially for those wishing to study these languages in the capital of Ukraine. We have a team of creative professional teachers with long-term experience.

Our methodology

We use the modern communicative approach, which is used at all International House schools worldwide. The emphasis is mostly on training and development of the students’ communicative skills. In this way they can use their knowledge outside the classroom in real life situations.

Communicative methodology means that teaching is conducted only in the language which is being learnt.

After many years of cooperation we developed methodology of teaching Ukrainian and Russian languages directly, i.e. without intermediary of other foreign languages. The advantage of the following methodology is quick apprehension of the language which is being learnt due to absence of translation to the intermediary language and then to Ukrainian/ Russian.

Meanwhile our teachers do speak English, French and German.

In order to learn more about our methodology you can order a trial lesson.
Our teachers can present even the most difficult material in an interesting and comprehensive form.

Study resources

We teach in nice and specially equipped classrooms. We use contemporary course books and the use of visual aids, audio- and visual materials are compulsory at the lessons.


A placement test is required before the course start. It may be in the form of a test or an interview. At the end of the course our students receive an International House certificate according to the results of the final testing. The Certificate confirms the level achieved by the student.
The minimum quantity of academic hours for receiving the Certificate is 120 hours.

The lessons of Ukrainian or Russian are offered to students of any levels, starting with “survival language” up till the highest professionally oriented levels.

Advantages of cooperation with us

  • individual tuition at the school’s or customer’s site;
  • corporative tuition at the school’s or customer’s site;
  • intensive courses and programs with flexible schedule, Survival Ukrainian/ Russian, 10-hour Immersion Course;
  • professional highly qualified teaching staff;
  • unique method of the Ukrainian and Russian languages study unassisted with any intermediary language;
  • modern class rooms equipped with audio- and video gadgets;
  • resource center with Internet access;
  • numerous professional library and film collection for training, reading and speech development;
  • friendly and always ready to help stuff;
  • experience of international cultural communication: parties, excursions, picnics, birthdays’ celebrations, meetings, communication and correspondence with other students;
  • considerable discount;
  • LANGUAGE CERTIFICATE, which demonstrates your progress in Ukrainian/ Russian language;

Our Clients

We are proud to have many international companies and organisations among our clients. All of them are very satisfied and we have a lot of positive feedback from such international companies as Konika Minolta, Grundfos, Piraeus Bank and many others.

If you are interested in corporate classes, these can be arranged too.


Ukrainian and Russian as foreign languages Price in UAH per hour *
Individual lesson (one person) 430,00
Two-to-one lesson (two persons) 350,00 (each student)
Mini-group lesson (three persons) 300,00 (each student)
Corporate lesson 550,00

*1 hour – 60 min
The prices are relevant from September 4, 2017.

Photo: St.Sophia square