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Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults

Delta is a course for experience teacher aiming to advance their career in teaching English and becoming

✅an academic director of a language school
✅a teacher trainer
✅a highly-qualified and sought-after teacher

About the course:

The course is designed by Cambridge Assessment English

It follows a unified program for the entire world

Is a golden standard of quality

It authenticates the highest level of qualification

The Delta Modules:

Delta modules are designed for practicing teachers. Candidates for Delta:

usually have an initial teacher qualification that allows them to teach English in their own context

have extensive experience teaching different levels in one or more contexts

have a level of written and spoken English, which allows them to teach students at an advanced level (including and up to levels C1 - C2 according CEFR.)

are be able to research and present written assignments according to the required standard.

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Professional Development Assignment (PDA)

It is written in parts during the course

✅Planning and conducting a diagnostic lesson
✅Reflection and Action (R&A) - analysis of your own teaching style and feedback from the tutor. The goal is to determine what to work on on the course. This lesson does not affect the grade for the course.

1 Experimental Practice (EP)

What you need to do:

✅Choose an approach to teaching that you have not used before.
✅Write an essay-study about the basics of the method, indicate why you chose it and how it is going to be used in the lesson, and after the lesson - analyze how successfully you have performed.
✅Make a lesson plan and conduct it in the presence of one of your classmates. The tutor does not observe this lesson.

4 LSAs (Language Systems or Skills Assignments)

✅Each is dedicated to one of the language skills (Speaking, Listening, Writing, Reading) or systems (Grammar, Lexis, Phonology, Discourse)
✅3 are assessed by the course tutors
✅1 is assessed by an external trainer.

LSA Components:

✅Essay-study of one aspect of teaching (2500 words), which consists of:
- Analysis of the material
- Analysis of difficulties that may arise in students
- Describe and evaluate the effectiveness of different approaches to solving these problems

✅Conducting and developing a lesson plan (45-60 minutes), which includes:
- Justification of the lesson structure
- Analysis of language material
- Information about students
✅Reflection on the lesson based on:
- Analysis of its strengths and aspects that need improvement
- Their impact on students and the learning process
- Ideas for further work in the classroom

Requirements for candidates:

Level of English, sufficient for teaching students level C1-C2

Basic teaching qualification

Teaching experience in different contexts from 2 years

To enroll in the course you need to:

Fill in the application form

Pass an interview with a tutor

Course tutors:

Course dates:

Course Dates Format Early bird price Цена Certificate Enrollment
Delta M1 (preparation course)
break 1.05-9.05;
exam 2.06.22
Exam fee
Registration in progress
Delta M2
Registration in progress
Delta M3
Registration in progress

Course price:

with discount:

UAH 14500

Delta M1 Course


UAH 15700

Delta M1 Course

with discount:

UAH 54300

Delta M2 Course


GBP 132


UAH 59500

Delta M2 Course

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