A Digitalized classroom: Opportunities & Perspectives

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“Technology will never replace teachers, but a teacher who cannot teach with technology will be replaced by another one who can.” – Zuzana Molčanová, Slovakia (Teacher Engagement Manager, Microsoft)

Annually, on occasion of the World Teachers’ Day, International House Kyiv organizes the Innovative Teaching Conference for educators aiming at sharing the latest news and tendencies in education and dispelling teaching myths.

Every year about 100 teachers and teacher trainers from all over Ukraine representing a wide range of educational establishments attend the IH Kyiv Professional Development event and spread the ideas and techniques they learn in order to make their teaching process more effective and involving for their students.

For this event International House Kyiv invites educational experts, tutors, coaches and course writers from all around the world to share their successful stories and bring together their expertise in teaching.
Nowadays teachers and students are being pushed to integrate technology into their learning process more than ever before. And though the current situation is far from being ideal this event is a great opportunity to share our ideas and change the way we deliver teaching in the future.

Date: 3.10.2020

Clearly, online education and other revolutionary processes in the educational sphere came in the focus of the Conference this year.

We all witnessed how the global pandemic outbreak disrupted the academic year, cancelled classes and examinations across the whole world and radically changed the concept of traditional education. Being physically present in a classroom isn’t the only learning option anymore as the global pandemics has introduced us to a new era — the revolution of online education.

A traditional classroom used to be the place where teachers engage students, encourage participation from the entire class and expand on the thoughts raised by students. These interactions did not seem possible to be duplicated in virtual rooms.

This year IH tutors from Poland, Mexico, Spain, USA, Italy and other countries around the world will introduce the course attendees to a wide range of E-learning tools that will help the teachers keep their students motivated and eager to participate in online classes.

Unfortunately, for many teachers, digital learning has been challenging in many ways. Not all teachers are up to speed with emerging technologies and might be easily put off from what they like doing by constant updates and lengthy professional development sessions.

Moreover, teachers do not feel they provide as much supervision as they would in a traditional classroom. On the Conference Day we will be talking about techniques for teaching receptive and productive skills online, means of assessing your students and ways of developing 21th century skills via E-learning tools.
Whatever the future holds, e-learning might not replace traditional classrooms, but it will surely change the way we know them today – it is important that you get ready now!

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