CELTA - the key that opens the door to the whole world

янв 24, 02:45 | Новини та оголошення

The next story is about the way of becoming a better teacher.:

Becoming an English teacher has changed my life. Sure, I was a teacher before, but it was the same old slog every day. Since I started to teach English, I have been enjoying getting out of bed. I love to see the opening of students’ eyes and I like to see their enjoyment. English is the key that opens the door to the whole world, and CELTA is the key that opens the door to teachers being able to work anywhere they want. I’ve had doctors, lawyers, mothers, and fathers in my classes…all of them entering my class as equals, with the same goal.

I studied CELTA in Moscow in 2013. In the list of tough experiences, my CELTA month is number one. It was surely worth it, being a prime example of something’s value being positively correlated with its difficulty. Though I’d been a teacher for 20 years or so, CELTA helped me see how to let students take charge and pursue their own dreams. The communicative approach lets students who have never had success in languages see a new avenue. They see that the classroom doesn’t have to be a den of boredom and drudgery. The CELTA way lets people experience success while enjoying themselves and finding friends.

I recommend CELTA to anyone who wants to put a new spin on their lessons. This is a spin that puts the students in the driver’s seat and lets the teacher guide them down the path toward independence and satisfaction.

James Martin