CELTA - one of the best investments!

Feb 14, 08:01 pm | Новини та оголошення

After spending 12 years in the stunning city of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, I decided to come to Europe to try a new life on the old continent.

Job-wise I wasn’t sure what I would do, but I would definitely need a way to make a living.

I have always loved languages and actually have a Master of Education degree in English and German Literature. I also know that I need to be working with people in order to be happy and fulfilled. So when I put two and two together, the answer was obvious: English teaching would be my next professional move.

So I started digging around, trying to find out what my options were and how I could plan my work. It didn’t take me long before I realized that CELTA was the best, the most reliable and reputable certificate to hold in my hands if I wanted to have any chances in the competitive ESL market.

I enrolled in an intensive, 4-week long CELTA course at IH Lisbon in January 2016, and let me tell you, this wasn’t an easy month at all.

To take the CELTA course is synonym to a month of hard word, of few hours of sleep, daily challenges, not only academically, but also personally. Sometimes you might want to quit, because it is tough, but you push yourself, you learn everyday from your peers and the tutors, you reshape what you thought you knew and you make it happen, you pull it off and in the end you’re a winner with an invaluable tool in your hand – the CELTA Certificate.

You learn techniques and approaches which will help you to deliver great and student-oriented classes and the world knows it, ESL schools know it, educational institutions know it and soon you’re on a roll!

About 3 weeks after I finished my CELTA course a school in Turin interviewed me for a full-time position at their school. The first question they asked me, after all the presentations were done, was if I had the CELTA (one side note for you: online CELTA courses are not accepted in most places). This interview would not have continued any further had my answer been no.

This was a short-term position and before I ended my 4-month stay in the beautiful city of Turin, I already had another offer to work as a full-time teacher at IH San Sebastian in Northern Spain, which I also very happily accepted.

I am currently working at IH Kyiv with an immensely supportive team and loving people.

Had it not been for that challenging, but extremely rewarding month in January 2016, none of these amazing opportunities would have arisen. The CELTA course has proven to be one of the best investments I’ve made in my entire life.

Silvia Martins