CELTA - living the dream!

янв 17, 04:55 | Новини та оголошення

How is it to be a teacher of International House Kyiv:

“You might say I had everyone’s dream job; working in the film industry, managing multi-million dollar budgets and up to 20 people on a daily basis. My work was creative, always challenging, and never boring! But after 30 years of reinventing the wheel on an almost daily basis, I craved change in my life. Originally trained in French and German language and literature, I wanted to again make travel and language my focus. As I thought about travel, it was obvious to me that I had little appetite to run from destination to destination, taking the obligatory photo before ticking it off my list. And so my dream was born.

I decided to pursue slow travel: going to a place for an extended period of time, living and working there, getting to know the people who live there and what local life is actually like. And what better skill to take with me than my command of English? I started to look around for a teacher training program and was overwhelmed by the options. Very quickly it became clear to me that the gold standard for teacher training is the CELTA, so I applied to take the course and was accepted. I took a month-long full-time course in my hometown of Vancouver, Canada. The instructors were amazing: they were highly experienced ESL teachers with a wealth of experience and insight to share. The course was really challenging, and the balance between theory and practical teaching experience prepared me for the demands of the ESL classroom. Once certified, I quickly found a position in Vancouver. As soon as I had gained some experience, I started to look for a foreign position and that’s how I have ended up here at IH Kyiv.

I would highly recommend CELTA if you are considering getting certification to teach ESL. Sure there are cheaper and easier options, but the most reputable schools require CELTA certified teachers. CELTA represents a standard that is recognized worldwide and it provides practical, current methodology. And personally, I wouldn’t want to work at a school that didn’t require CELTA.

So here I am, living the dream! Living in this fascinating capital city, exploring the beautiful sights, the art scene and the zeitgeist, helping people to learn English so they can realize their dreams, doing something so very different from what I was doing before. It’s challenging and exciting and I am so grateful to have this opportunity.”

Kandi Dibley