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Our exam centre offers preparation to a wide choice of exams for all levels of general English. If you plan to take and IELTS exam or one of Cambridge ESOL exams we can offer high quality courses to help you achieve the desired result.

Exam Dates 2017

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Detailed information about general Cambridge exams is available here

Business English Certificate exams are suitable for those who are ready for success in international business. They are divided into 3 levels. Please check here for more information about these exams.


To register for the exam, please fill in the form below. If you want to check if your language proficiency is sufficient for passing a certain exam, please use the free opportunity on the site Cambridge English


Exam fees 2017

Вартість екзаменів
Fees are valid from 01.09.2017!

Exam title Computer-based version Paper-based version
KET/KET fS 2100.00 2150.00
PET/PET fS 2150.00 2200.00
FCE/FCE fS 3100.00 3150.00
CAE 3400.00 3450.00
CPE 3600.00 3700.00
BEC P 2100.00 2200.00
BEC V 3100.00 3200.00
BEC H 3400.00 3500.00
YLE MOVERS 1450.00
YLE FLYERS 1500.00
TKT 1450.00
DELTA MODULE 1 5000.00

Detailed information is available in our Ukrainian website